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RTA Investigations has been involved in the investigation of more than 1000 personal injury claims involving taxis. 
Our investigations have shown that many claims made against taxi drivers, particularly 'London Hackney Cab' drivers, are spurious or even fraudulent.
A common claim is that the doors in the passenger compartment of the "London Hackney Cab" fell open and the passenger fell out of the taxi, injuring themselves. 
Because of our extensive knowledge of London Taxis, their security systems, and safety precautions, we have been able to offer the appropriate advice to solicitors and insurance companies who have then been in a much stronger position to reject or defend the Claim made against the taxi driver.
We have, on occasions, been called upon to give evidence in Magistrate's Courts when taxi drivers have faced summonses arising from complaints made to the police by passengers who are hoping a prosecution would enhance their claim for personal injuries.  Our evidence, supported by photographs of the vehicle in question, has proved invaluable in enabling the Court to reach a decision - always in favour of the taxi driver, so far.
If you think our knowledge and experience of taxi drivers and taxi vehicles can be of assistance to yourselves do not hesitate to contact us."
Recently we were consulted by a hackney taxi driver from Manchester. 

He was insured by one of the largest Motor Insurance Company's in the world.

He had been interviewed by an investigator employed by the insurance company regarding a road traffic accident in which the taxi driver was injured.
In his covering report the investigator for the insurance company concluded the taxi driver was not responsible for the accident - all blame lay with the third party, but added the taxi driver should lose a large percentage of his personal injury claim because he was not wearing his seat belt!
The Claims Handler sent a copy of the report to the taxi driver for comments.
It transpired neither the Investigator for the insurance company nor the Claims Handler were aware of the seat belt exemptions enjoyed by taxi drivers.!!
Since this Agency was formed some 10 years ago we have been involved with investigations into taxi accidents and claims on a daily basis. 

We use our knowledge and experience to your advantage.



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