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Because of our Operational experience, within the Police Service and that gained as independent investigators in the private sector, we are conscious of the increasing trend to 'stage accidents'  or attempt to defraud insurance companies by alleging theft of motor vehicles.  We know many of the 'scams' currently operating in the transport industry relating to drivers' hours and even the unlawful carriage of hazardous substances. 

We have the knowledge and experience to investigate such incidents thoroughly.

We are one of the few Agencies that has qualified Accident Reconstruction Experts on its team.  They not only have an enormous amount of experience as Traffic Patrol Officers but have qualified during their Service as Accident Reconstruction Experts with the Practical and Academic Qualifications required to reach such a high standard of expertise. 

Why not ask your 'Reconstruction Experts' how they obtained their 'qualifications'?  You will find many are qualified mechanical engineers or bodywork repairers who have never been to the scene of a road traffic accident whilst the vehicles and bodies are in situ.  Can they honestly reconstruct an accident based upon Practical and Academic qualifications, as we can, or are they theorising and hoping the case never arrives at Court so their 'Opinions' are not tested by Counsel.  Our Experts can not only reconstruct an accident but are fully experienced at giving evidence in Courts at all levels, including County Courts, and are prepared to justify their Opinions in the witness box.

Using Professionals is more efficient, and can be more economical. RTA-Investigations provide a first class service by experts - at competitive hourly rates, or agreed fixed fees.

 We offer a prompt personal efficient economical service and assure you all files will be checked by the Principal, Neil Longsden, to ensure the high standards he insisted upon in G.M.P. are maintained.

We know we can fulfil your requirements.

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